Thursday, February 8, 2018

Links to Resources for February, March and April 2018

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Mark Your Calendar!

It's coming!!!!!!

June 18-23, Willow Park, Lehi 

Porter Rockwell District Cub Scout Day Camp

More information and registration details available now
at Roundtable

University of Scouting is for YOU

University of Scouting is coming soon! 
Saturday, February 24 at UVU in Orem

This exciting annual opportunity will help you in whatever capacity you serve in Cub Scouts.

Click here for more information or to register

Friday, January 16, 2015

Posted Information From Porter Rockwell Mini-PowWow

Where are the handouts from the Mini Powwow, January 15, 2015?

The following classes have been posted:
1. Cheers, Yells, Skits, Run-ons - by Ryan Hacking. See "Cheers & Applauses" page above. Includes link to video for the class discussion.
2. Gathering Activities - by Bryan Free. See "Gathering Activities" page above. Includes links to videos from the class.
3. Awards - by Kaylynn. Handouts not available yet, but this includes a link to access the video for the class discussion. See "Awards" page above
4. Pinewood Derbys - Video of class by Erasmo Flores as well as links to handouts. See "Pinewood Derby" page above
5. Parental Involvement - Video of class by Charles as well as links to other resources. See "Parental Involvement" page above
6. Cooking with Cub Scouts - Video of class taught by Suzie. See "Cooking with Cub Scouts" page above.

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Leader Specific Trainings now SHORTER!

BSA has released new training modules for all cub leader positions.  With these new modules, comes a shorter, more interactive training.  Therefore, the trainings will now start at 7pm and will last 2-3 hours.  Each group (Wolf and Bear Den Leaders, Webelos Leaders, Cubmasters, and Pack Committee) will meet in a separate room.  We are excited for the new hands-on training and hope you will join us in November for our next one!

Pack trainers will now take the Pack Committee training as well as the first course in the Train the Trainer Courses: The Fundamentals of Training.